Outdoor Lighting Rentals and Purchases

Outdoor lighting for homes, farms, or business locations lets you look on the bright side of things with safety and convenience. LED Bulb ImageEnjoy the peace-of-mind and better visibility that outdoor lighting can provide.  EnerStar has several rental options available.  For more information, contact the EnerStar Member Service department at 1-800-635-4145.

Type of Outdoor Lighting
Monthly Rental
40 Watt Evluma LED Light - Metered
$ 7.00 per month
40 Watt Evluma LED Light - Unmetered
$ 9.00 per month
128 Watt Directional LED Light - Metered
$15.00 per month
128 Watt Directional LED Light - Unmetered
$24.00 per month
100 Watt Decorative Lighting (no longer available)
$22.00 per month
If transformer installation is required - additional charge (plus installation cost)
$11.50 per month
*State Utility Tax not included, small additional fee will be added to the monthly charge