EnerStar is a not-for-profit electric cooperative. It is owned by those members who use our services. At the end of each year, any operating margins, or profits, are allocated to members receiving electric service during that year in the form of capital credits. 

Capital credits represent member ownership, or equity, in the cooperative. A yearly capital credit statement to current members if there are margins to be allocated. If a year should not have any margins, no allocations are distributed and a statement is not sent. Capital credits are not cash sitting in an account and can not be used towards payment of an electric billing statement.

Capital credits are used to operate the cooperative and remain on file until they are refunded by the board of directors. Prior to refunding capital credits, the board carefully considers the cooperative's financial position and necessary long-range capital improvements, prior to offering a "general capital credit refund." The board can announce a general refund at anytime.

If you move out of the EnerStar service area, please contact the cooperative with a valid address. If a general refund is issued, we can mail the refund directly to you.

According to the cooperative's bylaws, upon the death of a member, capital credits can be refunded to a member's estate. Estate retirements require the following information:

  • Transfer account out of deceased member's name.

  • Provide a copy of the Death Certificate.

  • Provide a certified copy of Letter of Administration or Small Estates Affidavit along with a copy of the will, if applicable.

If you need more information on Capital Credits, contact EnerStar's Susan Watson at 1-800-635-4145, extension 109.



Unclaimed Capital Credits - EnerStar is looking for former members who received electric service from the cooperative from 1989-1990. If you name is on the list or you are an heir of deceased member, please contact us.