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Coop News from EnerStar

Mother Nature’s wrath can mean service disruptions

Although EnerStar Electric Cooperative works hard to maintain our equipment, monitor power delivery 24/7, and do all we can to keep the lights on, there are circumstances beyond our control that can interfere with power delivery. Winter weather is one example.

LaVern and Nola McEntire Memorial Lineworker’s Scholarship

The $2,000 LaVern and Nola McEntire Memorial Lineworker’s Scholarship will help pay for costs to attend the lineworker’s school conducted by the AIEC in conjunction with Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, IL. Apply online by April 30, 2022.

Gain a clearer perspective on windows

Homeowners may grumble this time of year that their windows welcome the wintry chill into their house. Some may think that replacements clearly are the answer to energy savings. Yet it’s important to get the full picture to make the best decision for your home.

Unclaimed Capital Credits

EnerStar is attempting to locate former co-op members who received electric service from 1988 to 1990. If your name is listed below, you may have capital credits payable to you.

Youth to Washington

Apply today to represent EnerStar in D.C.

Planned Outage Notification Call List

If you depend on life support equipment, contact EnerStar


Why we plan outages

Sometimes, you may hear that EnerStar will be having a “planned outage.” Ever wondered why? 

Occasionally, the equipment we use to bring power to your home needs to be repaired or replaced. When this happens, as a way to keep our crews and you safe, we plan a power interruption. 

“We do our best to plan these outages during times when you will be least inconvenienced,” said EnerStar’s Manager of Operations Tim Haddix 

Are portable space heaters efficient for my home?

Small space heaters are meant to do exactly as their name says: heat a small space. But unfortunately, many people use portable space heaters to heat their entire home, which can really take a toll on your energy bills.


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