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Coop News from EnerStar

EnerStar Electric Cooperative holds Annual Meeting of Members

As is tradition, EnerStar Electric Cooperative members gathered for their 78th Annual Meeting of Members, following a pancake and sausage breakfast, on Sat., March 18. Once again, members were able to participate in the meeting through real-time voting. Each household was given a remote to help “voice” their answers to questions offered by President/CEO Mike Clark throughout the meeting. 

In his address, Clark updated members on EnerStar Electric’s upcoming community solar initiative, rate stability, financial condition and member satisfaction. “It’s a great day to be a co-op member,” said Clark. “I am very proud of where our cooperative is. Our equity levels and our system infrastructure are both in a good position, but you can count on us to always seek opportunities for improvement.”

Thank You

Enerstar would like to thank the following vendors and businesses who donated door prizes to our 77th Annual Meeting of Members

2017 Annual Meeting Board Director Elections

During the annual meeting, members re-elected three members to the board of directors. Front row shown (l-r) Jeff Zimmerman of Oakland, and Robert Staley of Paris. Back row shown (l-r) CEO Mike Clark, and Daniel Gard, Jr, of West Union.

EnerStar Retires Capital Credits

    As a not-for-profit rural electric
cooperative, EnerStar is owned by the members who receive electricity from our cooperative. At the end of the year, after all the revenues have been collected and all the expenses are paid, the remaining margins (profits) are allocated to members who received electric service during the year. These are called capital credits. They
represent member equity in our

    The EnerStar Board of Directors reviews the financial health of the cooperative each year to determine if it is financially feasible to authorize a capital credit retirement.

    During one such review in 2015, the cooperative issued capital credit checks to current and former members who had electric service for the years 1969 to 1976. 

    The cooperative is attempting to locate these former members (or possibly their heirs) who received service during that time. The Cooperative does not have a valid address on the accounts listed below.

    If your name or the name of a family member is listed in this publication, please have them contact EnerStar’s Member Services Department at 1-800-635-4145. If it is a family member and they are now deceased, we would need the estate executor to contact the office for additional instructions on a
special estate retirement. 

Years of Service Recognized

EnerStar is fortunate to have employees and directors with many years of experience. At the 78th annual meeting to be held on March 18, two employees and three directors will be recognized for their years of service.

78th Annual Meeting of Members

Notice of the 78th annual meeting of members on March 18, 2017

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The time of day that our members use power changes how much that power costs our electric cooperative. It’s the law of supply and demand: When everybody’s using electricity, it costs more and puts a bigger strain on the electric system.

Board elections-know how to vote

EnerStar’s annual meeting is just around the corner and it is an excellent opportunity to take part in the buisness of your member-owned electric cooperative.It is the democratic control that affords you, the member, the privilege of attending the annual meeting and participating in the director elections. A director is a member just like you. He or she represents your district and is your voice in the cooperative.


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