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Used Oil Recycling

Each year in Illinois, millions of gallons of used motor oil is not disposed of properly. This oil ends up in our ditches, storm drains, roads, and in the landfills. Eventually, it can enter our groundwater supply. To do its part in helping to protect our precious soil and water supplies, EnerStar gives members the opportunity to dispose of used oil the right way by serving as a collection site for used oil.


Let us help you properly dispose used oil:
  • EnerStar will collect used oil during normal business hours. Stop by the front office to check in.
  • Make sure used oil is in a suitable container that does not leak and can be sealed. If the container is larger than 5 gallons, please call for an appointment.
  • This service is available to residential members who are considered “do-it-yourselfers” for home and farm use.
  • Important to remember...Do not mix the oil with other liquids such as antifreeze, gasoline, paint thinner, brake fluid or water.

Got questions? Call EnerStar’s Mike Clark at 1-800-635-4145, extension 116. 

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