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Trade A Tree

Vegetation Management

When a tree is carefully selected and planted, it can provide your family with many years of enjoyment. Trees help you conserve energy by providing summer shade and protect from the winter wind. But when forethought is not put into planting, trees can be a major cause of power outages.

To protect your family, property and power service, EnerStar may need to your trim trees. Trees requiring continuous maintenance create a situation that calls for more intense measures. Trees planted under power lines should be removed for the safety of everyone.


Trade a Tree

As the program suggests, EnerStar will remove trees growing directly beneath power lines. For each tree removed, EnerStar will provide the member with a replacement ornamental tree. Members should plant the replacement trees away from the power lines to avoid a repeat situation.

There are program conditions so for more information on the the program, contact; Mike Clark at 1-800-635-4145, ext.116.

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